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  • Newmarch Gallery

In Eleanor Zecchin's exhibition '1000 Ways to Rainbow' metaphorical readings of rainbows are used to explore the inexhaustible potential of watercolour in parallel with the discipline and pursuit of an optimistic mind.

To hear Eleanor as she speaks with Radio Adelaide about her exhibition click on the button below.

  • Newmarch Gallery

As we celebrated the one year anniversary of Newmarch Gallery opening in December 2019, we opened our most significant exhibition to date: Ann Newmarch Survey, 11 Dec 2020 - 25 Jan 2021.

Curator of the exhibition, Sarah Northcott, has provided curatorial notes Reflecting on Connections in response to the exhibition, which provides further insight into Ann, her practice, studio and career, as well as the exhibition.

To view Reflecting on Connections - click here

For more information about Ann, the history of the gallery, and to listen to the oral history of Ann, visit the About page of our website.

  • Newmarch Gallery

Inside Out is a temporary public art installation designed in response to the pandemic and the first lockdown. When gyms and sporting clubs closed, people came out in force, walking the streets of Prospect at all times of the day. The Arts and Events team worked on ways to get art to the people, as people couldn't get in to see the art. So we created street art - dotted all around the city, not only for people's enjoyment, but also to highlight the diverse range of artists we have living and working within our community. For more information and locations of works, click on the link below. Happy walking!

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