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Prospect has had many creative individuals but it became known as a creative community in 1978 with the formation of the Prospect Mural Group. This large group of volunteers, including local artist Ann Newmarch, painted seven murals around the city and was active until 1983.

In 1982 Kathie Muir was appointed Community Arts Officer to the City of Prospect; the first in South Australia. Together with Ann Newmarch as Artist in Residence, they organised 'Where We Are', the inaugural Prospect Community Art Show, in Prospect Library. As a response to the popularity of the Community Shows and the high level of community involvement in the arts, Prospect Gallery was built in 1988.

The Prospect Mural Group and the spirit it generated virtually put Prospect on the map as a lively, artistic area with a strong sense of community involvement. Many projects and events have been developed by Prospect Council working with the community from this beginning, including Prospect Fair and the Stobie Pole Project. 

City of Prospect has encouraged all forms of permanent and temporary public art since the activities of the Prospect Mural Group in the 1970s. City of Prospect are currently installing a number of temporary public art works throughout the City's public spaces through its first ever annual artwork leasing program.



In parks, on the street, and in council buildings, sculpture and mural art is popular, and many residents and businesses seek to extend the community 'vibe' of their area by the inclusion of sculptural pieces. 

Pulse, 2011, Warren Langley
Prospect Road, Prospect
Landmark Project - Words and Places, 2009, Anton Hart
Fitzroy Terrace and Prospect Road intersection, Prospect
Bus Stop 10, 2004, Gerry McMahon, sculptor, Bohdan Dorniak, architect and Jack Briner, floor designer and painter
Prospect Road, Prospect
The Bike Rider, 2003, Gerry McMahon
Broadview Oval / Yarnta Tutu yarta, Broadview
World War 2 Memorial, 1995, Leo Neuhoffer
Barker Gardens, Prospect Road, Prospect
The Human Rights Wall, 1993, Helen E Doubell for Amnesty International
Barker Gardens, Prospect Road, Prospect
Mosaic Sign, 1993, Sarah Crowest Built Imagination project
Corner Vine Street and Prospect Road, Prospect.
Mosaic Planters, 1993, Sarah Crowest Built Imagination project
Prospect Road, Prospect
The Station Master, 1992, Nortag and Maggie Savage made for Dudley Park Railway Station Civic Centre, Prospect Road
Adelaide Miniature Steam Railway Society, Regency Road, Prospect
Aerosol Arts

Aerosol Arts

One lane in Prospect is the spectacular site for several walls of legal aerosol art works by anonymous street artists. These murals, begun in the early 1990s, are constantly being renewed and new ones painted. 

  • KAB101 Lane - located behind Prospect Road between Myrtle and Vine Streets, various artists have worked over decades to create art in this space. To recognise the extensive work by artist, Scott Coleman, this lane now has a dual name - KAB101 Lane/Honeysuckle Lane. 

Stobie Poles

Stobie Poles

Prospect's nationally famous Stobie Pole Project was begun in 1983 by then Artist in Residence, Ann Newmarch, and developed by her into a community arts activity in 1986. Artists were invited to paint some poles and also engaged to work with residents. Many of the original poles remain; others have been removed to allow electric cables to be laid underground. Some significant painted poles are listed. Residents can still apply to paint their stobie pole.​

You can apply to paint a Stobie Pole - click on the links below to find out more information. 

Brothers, Ann Newmarch
Albert Street, Prospect
Two Famous Marks, Ziggy Moskwa
Memorial Gardens, Flora Terrace, Prospect
Six Poles, artists include Ann Newmarch, Anna Platten, Cath Cantlon
Reinstated outside Prospect Gallery, 1 Thomas Street Nailsworth


The Prospect Mural Group was an active body of local artists, including Ann Newmarch, and community members. This group was driven by a strong social conscience and often incorporated this into their work through collaboration with school children and other local community groups. They independently painted about ten murals from 1978 to 1982; the first was in a local nursing home for the residents’ enjoyment. Most of the Mural Group’s works are still standing.

Mural painting is still active in Prospect, either through group projects or as art works by individual artists. Art in the Park is a new initiative where an artist is commissioned to create a site specific work in a Prospect Park.

Arts Path

Arts Path

Clay tiles marked by individuals and groups are dotted around Prospect.
The majority of tiles were made at several Prospect Fairs by local residents;
the first in 1987, at a stall set up by Prospect Rotary Club.

In 1988 the first stage of the path was opened in St Helens Park.

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