The History of Newmarch Gallery

Opening in October 2019, Newmarch Gallery is a high quality, nationally recognized exhibition space. As a gallery run by City of Prospect, it is a unique facility. The diversity of its exhibition program reflects its role as a contemporary public exhibition space with a longstanding community focus.

Exhibitions include solo and group shows across a range of media, supporting both emerging and established artists. 


The Gallery's calendar includes the biennial Prospect Community Exhibition and prestigious Prospect Portrait Prize staged in alternate years and features exhibitions from outstanding local, emerging and established artists. 

About Ann Newmarch

"I feel I am true to my name Newmarch, and it’s a good name, a positive name. I have taken many ‘firsts’ and always marched forwards"

The decision to rename a Gallery is not often made, and therefore the honour of such a change isn’t bestowed upon many. For our community however, the name change is a respectful and very gracious nod to Prospect resident and renowned Australian artist Ann Newmarch. Famous for many ‘firsts’, Ann is no stranger in our community, and can be seen in the heart of many creative escapades and political debates. She has forged the way in creating the vibrant community we see today. Ann, deeply humbled by the announcement of the Gallery renaming, sees much more to her name than what we would at first glance. 

When asked about how she was feeling, Ann wasn’t hesitant in sharing that her surname is more than just a word. “I feel I am true to my name Newmarch, and it’s a good name, a positive name. I have taken many ‘firsts’ and always marched forwards,” importantly noting, “and I have stepped aside to let others do the same”. In thinking more deeply about this, Ann reflects, “I feel like I have led the new march in many things for myself and the community… the first in this, the first in that.”

The vibrancy and creativity that now adorns our Council area, from stobie poles and murals, to the Prospect Gallery itself, is a testament to the guidance, perseverance and strong determination that Ann and the broader community showed in the 1980s in raising the profile of arts in the community and creating a strong grass roots movement. Beyond this, she was the first person to have an Artist in Residency with City of Prospect, the first woman to have a retrospective exhibition by the Art Gallery of SA, and is now a widely celebrated artist, with many significant Australian institutions holding her works in their collection. An Order of Australia recipient in 1989, an outstanding political activist and a trailblazer in feminist art, Ann remains incredibly humbled and community focused. “I feel very privileged in many areas of my life, and this is a real honour.”

The Prospect Gallery officially became the Newmarch Gallery in October 2019 when the new doors opened on Prospect Road, and a range of celebrations took place to mark this incredible journey and paved the way for the new march ahead!

To view the CV of Ann Newmarch, click here

CR19 28776  Your Prospect - Issue 004 -
“I feel like I have led the new march in many things for myself and the community… the first in this, the first in that.”

Ann Newmarch's Oral History, courtesy of the State Library of South Australia, is now available online. Simply click on the links below - each Oral History varies in duration and is a fascinating insight into Ann, her art, life and career, as well as Prospect.  

Exhibiting with us

Applications for exhibiting with us have now closed. There is only one intake of applications per year which opens in July and closes in September.  For more information please see our Latest News page closer to the date. 

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