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Applications are now open for the 2024 exhibition program. For more information click on the link below. 

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The Prospect Portrait Prize is a non acquisitive juried exhibition of contemporary portraits in any medium. For more information check the terms and conditions below. 

Apply for the 12th Prospect Portrait Prize

The 24th Prospect Community Art Show showcases works by people who live, work or have a strong connection to City of Prospect. Applications are now open.

Join us for the 24th Prospect Community Art Show

Our 2023 Exhibition Calendar is here!

Newmarch Gallery is excited to announce our 2023 exhibition line up! 


Click on the button below to find out what we have in store for 2023. 

From my Room - Interview

For more information about our 2022 Feast exhibition, listen to this interview between SALA and artist Ruby Allegra

Newmarch Gallery - 09 From My Room - Digital5.jpg

Vale Ann Newmarch OAM


On behalf of Newmarch Gallery and PAAN we wish to express our deepest sympathy to Ann's family on her passing.

Ann is especially well-known for the hundreds of political screen-prints she produced in the 1970s and 1980s.  In a practice spanning the 1960s to 2010s and a variety of mediums and styles from printmaking, painting, sculpture, and installation, her art was always underpinned by the belief that art is a form of activism. 

Ann was a pivotal figure in the protest arts movement that emerged in Adelaide in the 1970s, a long-serving and inspirational lecturer at South Australian School of Arts (SASA) (1969 – 2000), the first artist in residence with local council at Prospect (1982 and 1983); and a recipient of an Order of Australia Medal for her contribution to art and the community in 1989. Newmarch was also the first living female artist to have had a retrospective exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) in 1997. 

Emerging in the late 1960s in a climate of of social and political change, Ann was instrumental in a number of groups including the Women’s Art Movement (WAM) (1976 - ) and the Progressive Arts Movement (PAM) (1974 - 1977).  She was a founding member of each, the latter emerging from Flinders University, through which Newmarch also became involved with the Workers’ Student Alliance.

From 1973 she embraced screen-print as an easily disseminated medium and a vehicle for her works addressing local issues as well as the big issues of the day: notably workers’ rights, attitudes towards women, community and the environment. Ann’s later cultural patterning works (2008 – 2009) layered digital images printed on canvas, combining them with painting.  In these works she examined human frailty, pain, sense of place and the complexity of cultures.

Ann’s art was always political.  Her distinctly feminist perspective was grounded in her personal experiences and community life in Adelaide, saying: ‘Art should be made out of personal experience and not out of art concerns. Personal experience is only a useful source of art when it is accompanied by an understanding of the social conditions in which it arises.’ (1981) A prominent second wave feminist Ann showed through her life and works often based on her home life and personal subjects that the personal is political and that private sphere is a political matter.

Ann was also a pioneer of the Community Arts Movement. In her home suburb of Prospect she initiated the practice of Stobie pole painting in 1983 and in 1978 the Prospect Mural Group and Community Association of Prospect (CAP) Poster Collective.  For the latter, she instructed community members in the art of screen-print for the purpose of creating posters for local events and issues, many of which are now reproduced on the walls of the Prospect Library. The Prospect Mural Group worked as a collective, inviting artists professional and non-professional, interested locals and school groups, to work with them. They were active until 1983 and many of their works survive around Prospect.

Ann’s ground-breaking residency with Prospect Council (1982/3) spawned the Community Art Show, the popularity of which necessitated a permanent home for the event and garnered momentum for the establishment of the Prospect Gallery. Renamed Newmarch Gallery in her honour in 2019, acknowledging her deep connection to her community and achievements in focusing community engagement and making public art visible.

Moving forward in Ann’s memory, The Newmarch Gallery is part of her lasting legacy. We are very grateful for Ann’s support of the Prospect community where she was a long-time resident. It was in Prospect that she began her outreach program to get community involved in local arts. We value her belief in community and feel a deep pride in her many achievements locally and internationally in the arts.  As artists and community members PAAN acknowledge how lucky we are as the beneficiaries of Ann’s immense energy and drive which laid the groundwork for artists to reach out beyond their studios to the wider world, communities, schools, and collectives.

We welcome 
Threads in Motion

October 2020

Arts South Australia and City of Prospect have recently celebrated the installation of Threads in Motion by artist Karl Meyer, in association with Exhibition Studios. 

City of Prospect was selected as the 2019 recipient of Arts South Australia's Major Commission Fund (Public Art and Design) giving Karl's incredible concept, originally presented in May 2019, both the location and funding to be created.


Installed in early October 2020, and with official launch held in March 2021, this piece is located at 128 Prospect Road, Prospect, and can be viewed from Ground Floor and Level 1 during opening hours of Prospect Library and Newmarch Gallery, and also from Prospect Road at any time of the day or night. 

To learn more about Threads in Motion, click here

For more information about artist Karl Meyer, click here

This project is jointly funded by Department of Premier and Cabinet (made available by Arts South Australia's Major Commission Fund) and City of Prospect.

Winners Announced for the 11th Prospect Portrait Prize

After a wonderful opening night we are very proud to announce the winner of the 11th Prospect Portrait Prize:

Congratulations to Zoe Freney for her portrait 'Self with Beluga (after Da Vinci)'.

'Like Cecilia Galleranis' white ermine, the meaning of the beluga remains ambiguous. Is it a symbol of our fragile planet?'

Image: Zoe Freney, Self with Beluga (after Da Vinci), oil on board, 50 x 40cm. 

Congratulations also to George Gillies for her portrait 'Dinner for One'. George was the winner of the Payinthi Staff Pick.

'Sitting at the edge of exhaustion, a plastic fork has never felt so heavy. All is merely an echo of its form.'

Image: George Gilles, Dinner for One, oil on canvas, 102 x 102cm.

Special commendations to Mark Niehus, Margaret Walsh and Wil Nolan for their entries. 

To see all the works and vote for your favourite, pop in to Newmarch Gallery. The Portrait Prize runs until 25 January 2022. 

Zoey Freney image 1.jpg
George Gilles image 1.jpg

Shadow of the Moon Catalogue

For more information on our current exhibition, Shadow of the Moon, please click on the button below to access the catalogue. 

Reconciliation Week - In conversation with Damien Shen

May 2020 

Newmarch Gallery is excited to bring you 'I'm Here', an interview with Damien Shen. 

Damien Shen is a South Australian man of Ngarrindjeri and Chinese descent. As an artist he draws on both of these powerful cultural influences to create works of intense personal meaning. In using his artistic talent to share his story he aims to open the eyes of viewers to new ways of seeing Australian identity and Aboriginal art.

Interviewed by Pete Lindon, member of Prospect Arts Action Network, this is not to be missed. 

Watch the full interview here  

Mother's Ilk - Exhibition Catalogue

A group of contemporary male South Australian artists pair with their mothers to combine and compare each-other’s creative forces, and produce an artwork or two.


Artists: Will Cheesman/Pamela Jane Cheesman, Henry Jock Walker/Michelle Gai Branson, Jack Hodges/Sharyn Brady, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm/Koruna Schmidt Mumm. Jack Ladd/Cathy Brooks, Wes the Pants/Claudine Maselli.

Eleanor Zecchin -
Radio Interview

In Eleanor Zecchin's exhibition '1000 Ways to Rainbow' metaphorical readings of rainbows are used to explore the inexhaustible potential of watercolour in parallel with the discipline and pursuit of an optimistic mind.

To hear Eleanor as she speaks with Radio Adelaide about her exhibition click on the button below. 


Ann Newmarch Survey 

December 2020

As we celebrated the one year anniversary of Newmarch Gallery opening in December 2019, we opened our most significant exhibition to date: Ann Newmarch Survey11 Dec 2020 - 25 Jan 2021. 


Curator of the exhibition, Sarah Northcott, has provided curatorial notes Reflecting on Connections in response to the exhibition, which provides further insight into Ann, her practice, studio and career, as well as the exhibition. 

To view Reflecting on Connections - click here

For more information about Ann, the history of the gallery, and to listen to the oral history of Ann, visit the About page of our website.

Image: Ann Newmarch. Maralinga Poisoned Rations (as the serpent struggles), 1988. synthetic polymer paint on canvas. 163 x 168 cm. Private Collection


Temporary Public Art -
Inside Out

Inside Out is a temporary public art installation designed in response to the pandemic and the first lockdown. When gyms and sporting clubs closed, people came out in force, walking the streets of Prospect at all times of the day.


The Arts and Events team worked on ways to get art to the people, as people couldn't get in to see the art. So we created street art - dotted all around the city, not only for people's enjoyment, but also to highlight the diverse range of artists we have living and working within our community. For more information and locations of works, click on the link below. 

Happy walking!

Inside out 2.jpg

Prospect Portrait Prize Winners Announced

December 2019

Jasmine Crisp is the winner of the Prospect Portrait Prize for 2019. 


'Jasmine has presented a complex emotive portrait of one individuals journey, the trials and tribulations of being away from one’s home. In this tour de force of technique she references Sandro Botticelli’s classic  Birth of Venus created in 1486, often referred to as the ‘Venus on a half shell’, which remains a symbol of idealised beauty and the perfection of form as conceived in Italy over 5 centuries ago. Jasmine has presented a complex emotional portrait which both indulges the viewers gaze and subverts it. She is at once beautiful and tragic; intimate and isolated. The portrait is also an evocation of humanities current state anxiety in regards the natural world. She is at once a part of it and apart from it'. 

Russell Kelty, Independent Judge, Assistant Curator, Asian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia. 

Image: Venus is a Tourist (self portrait in Reykjavik), oil on canvas, 135 x 120cm. 

Jasmine Crisp - Image 2.jpeg

Paul Whitehead is the Winner of the Payinthi Award, as voted by staff of City of Prospect.

Paul's work captures his father in the weeks before he passed. 

Image: Paul Whitehead, Dad's Last Summer, oil on canvas, 76 x 56cm

Paul Whitehead - Dads last summer.jpg

Newmarch Gallery opens

October 2019

It is with great excitement, years of planning and an incredibly creative community, that we celebrate the first day as Newmarch Gallery on 14 October 2019. Prospect Arts Action Network (PAAN), together with staff and the arts community open the doors to a state of the art, light filled and modern facility in the heart of Prospect, and the entry to Payinthi, our new home of City of Prospect. We look forward to you being a part of Newmarch Gallery!

The official opening of Newmarch Gallery was 5 December 2019. 

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