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The Cylinder



About the artist

Developed in 1991, The Built Imagination Project was created as a way of improving Prospect's urban environment through infrastructure works, heritage conservation, traffic calming measures and changing streetscapes. Building on from an already strong creative community, the aim was to include more art in outdoor spaces.

Using a team that included artists, planners and architects, the idea was to complete a practical project that would include art in urban development. This mosaic cylinder was created in 1993 by artist Sarah CrowEST. The cylinder and the mosaic planters, featured alongside, are surviving examples of the art that was created for public spaces around Prospect.


Dr Sarah CrowEST was born in the United Kingdom and studied in London before moving to Australia in 1985. She is arguably one of Australia's leading conceptual artists and her works are held in major art institutions around Australia.

Ceramic Tiles

Artwork Location

St Helens Park, 39 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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