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Stepping Stones



About the artist

This project was completed in conjunction with Nailsworth Primary School and included workshops with painting, colouring, designing and drawing, focussing on 'park life'. The concept includes ideas about flowers, plants, animals and insects within the park.


Annabelle Collett (1955-2019) was a mixed medium artist, and widely recognised as a South Australian designer and artist whose work embraced art, design and craft.

Her work included costume, furniture, textiles, painted, designed interiors and assembled work from her "Museum of 20th Century Fabric", a lifelong collection of textiles. While predominantly self-taught, her career was enhanced by international and local artist's residencies. From the early 1990s Annabelle concentrated on making sculptural art pieces about the human form and its coverings, looking at the function and cultural meaning of attire with reference to ideas about gender, the body and sexuality.

Collett also investigated notions of camouflage, disguise, pattern and the affect of disruptions to pattern. She is also known for a series of works with recycled and found plastics that focussed on repurposing waste and challenged the widespread adoption of single-use plastics.

Ceramic Tiles

Artwork Location

St Helens Park, 39 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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