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Poppies and Daffodils



About the artist

The project included the painting of the Soundshell and amenities at Memorial Gardens.

The colour palette is soft, and is considered as muted and reserved with no use of bold colour, in response to prior feedback in creating a mural that works within the parks, and the performances.

Soundshell - a botanical theme, with conceptual links to the site via representations of poppies and daffodils, and expanded on prior versions at the site. This version pursues development of this imagery away from a rigorous and formal version towards a more organic, three dimensional variation. This variation embraces the ideal of creating an area with less imagery directly at the back of the stage in order to least interfere with the viewing of performers using the soundshell.

Amenities - Developed in response to requests for imagery that reflects local architecture and a sense of plant life, gardens and flora.
A brighter colour variation is also offered for consideration by the artist.


James Dodd has exhibited widely across Australia in artist run, publicly funded and commercial spaces. His work traverses (and collapses) the boundaries between visual street culture, alternative uses of urban space and existing gallery conventions. Whilst pursuing a practice that has painting as a constant, James explores built structure, mobile objects, DIY technology and a plethora of other variants as components of his outcomes.

James lectures with Adelaide Central School of Art and regularly pursues projects with school and community groups across Australia. His is particularly passionate about working with regional youth and disadvantaged audiences.

Artwork Location

1 Menzies Cres, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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