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Peacock Feather



About the artist

From Leah Grant : "On a table in the corner sat a vase with the most glamorous, exquisite, shimmering and delicate possession. It was magically beautiful and so soft to touch. My kindergarten teacher would only let us hold the peacock feather when we were calm, still and listening. I can remember looking at it in absolute awe and believing it to be the most valuable treasure in the world. I have layered colours, patterns and shapes to create a moment of pause. To become calm and still. Allow colour to surround you. See the details, lean in and listen to the story."


Leah Grant is a street artist, designer, illustrator and educator based in Adelaide. Her work is bright, colourful and uplifting. She explores the textures and colours of various mediums, focusing most recently with photography, ink, acrylic and aerosol. Leah graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Federation University in 2009, later completing a Diploma of Education (Secondary) in 2012. She is passionate about education that develops creativity, innovation and experimentation. Leah uses her own practice to inspire and encourage her students.

Artwork Location

114 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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