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Mimi Stacey



About the artist

Mosaic artwork of Mimi Stacey who lived in Prospect from around 1914, a local identity who was an amateur actress and producer of dramas and costume designer for the Adelaide Repertory Theatre. Mimi also taught drama to a group of children, students from Prospect School and St Cuthbert's called the 'La Petite' players. The troupe presented concerts, often to raise money for charitable causes, and usually to capacity audiences at the Prospect Ozone Theatre and other venues such as St Cuthbert's Church hall in Clifton Street and around Adelaide.


Tyler Mario (nom de plume) is a street artist working with mosaics to create pixel-style artwork. Tyler (because he works with tiles) and Mario because he loves Mario Bros. His unique and creative style means his work is instantly recognisable. Pixelated mosaic tiles is where Tyler Mario excels. His images are often nostalgic and leave the viewer reminiscent for happy times gone by, as they intersect both personal and collective community/social history.

They also leave the viewer questioning exactly how such complicated work is produced with a humble mosaic tile, and such a limited colour palette. Tyler Mario pieces brought life to many of the walls forming part of The Little Rundle Street Art Project, including collaborations with noted local artists Steve Glass and Peter Drew, the latter of which tackles the fundamental idea about what it means to be an Australian. Tyler Mario is now collaborating with other artists across continents in countries such as Chile, Germany, Sweden and the US.

Artwork Location

75 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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