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KAB101 Lane


About the artist

Honeysuckle Lane runs between Olive and Myrtle Streets in Prospect, and parallel to Prospect Road. While living in the area and owning a business on Prospect Road called Area101, South Australian artist Scott Coleman (KAB101) began painting this laneway in 1996. After completing the first mural in Honeysuckle Lane, the other business owners whose buildings backed onto the laneway requested he also paint their walls and fences. Honeysuckle Lane thereafter became a signature location for his work, a known destination showing the development of his artistic practice over the last 15 years, and unofficially called KAB's Lane.

Well ahead of its time, it is thought to be the longest running legal laneway in South Australia, where many nationally and internationally known artists have been invited to paint. There is no other public space in Australia that has continually shown the progression of an artist's work over such a long period of time through a changing landscape of murals.

1996 - current

A painter who mainly uses acrylic, aerosol spray paints and inks, KAB 101 is a first generation Australian graffiti artist living in Adelaide, South Australia. Street-writing since the early eighties, KAB101 has developed a marking style reflective of his personality. His work is based on calligraphic signature markings and mechanical type styles. His studio paintings consist of these same styles.

They tell stories of identity, his emotions and experiences related to his past and present affinity with writing his name and taking space. Utilizing spray paint, inks, markers and brushes, he constantly finds himself exploring new mediums to produce works connected to the written word.

Artwork Location

Honeysuckle Ln, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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