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Inward Out



About the artist

Serving as a reminder to look for the colours within, the mural captures a sense of self-reflection during a period of immense change and personal growth in Claire's life. While it stems from a very personal experience, Claire hopes that it carries a meaning of its own to whoever comes across it. The face featured in the mural is of Prospect local, Giulia Canala.


Claire Foxton is an Australian artist and designer who since 2016, has rapidly developed a large body of public art. Through a hybrid of abstraction and realism, Claire's art practice explores the triumphs and strength of the human condition via large scale public portraiture. Strongly process-driven, her approach to abstract forms is responsive and immediate.

This energetic, colourful visual space is kept in tension with her critical, realist portraiture and the careful planning required to execute large-scale public art. Claire's public art practice brings the traditions of portraiture into spaces often reserved for decoration or advertising. Her murals are concerned with the truth of a place and its people; the everyday heroes who help realise their communities. Claire's style has evolved from a mix of formal education and improvised techniques. Her works teeter on the edge of control and intuition, guided by her roots in Design and influenced by characteristics of Abstract Expressionism.

Artwork Location

112 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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