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Community Tile Bench

The Prospect Community

About the artist

In June 2019 the Arts Team set about creating a custom outdoor bench at Payinthi, 128 Prospect Road that would be installed and completed when the building opened in October 2019. After considering a range of installation options, and linking to the tradition of mosaics and ceramics in our community, the choice was made to create a custom tile bench with images contributed by our community, of our community.

Invitations were sent to hundreds of people to contribute including staff teams (via staff reference group), councillors, the community reference group for CLIC (Payinthi), Prospect Arts Action Network (PAAN), City Wide Public Art Roundtable (CWPAR), artists, the Prospect Local History Group, residents, past staff from the gallery/arts team, mosaics group, schools and City of Prospect members of the lead project team for Payinthi. They were asked 'What does Prospect mean to you'.

In August 2019 members of PAAN laid out the tile bench ready for a tiler to install during the construction stage of Payinthi. Involving over 200 submitted images from throughout the community, the bench is available to the community to use on the rear balcony of the Prospect Library during opening hours. The bench is designed to engage visitors to the space by allowing them to find familiar images, seeing interesting pictures and enjoying the creative collage of tiles that represents our community.


The Prospect Community has led the way in South Australia from the mid 1970s, creating some of the strongest community led public art installations that had been seen in the state. For some of the projects, they were an Australian first. Public Art in Prospect is broad, and often has a community element through collaboration, events, and local artists. Recognised as starting in 1978, Public Art in Prospect is something that the Council has always valued as an important part of the community fabric.

Ceramic Tiles

Artwork Location

128 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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