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Australian Flora Mural

Prospect Mural Group

About the artist

This mural was one of the group's early murals, a 'safe' option selecting Australian flowers for ideological reasons. It was deliberately pretty and cheerful to delight people. From the Prospect Mural Group 'This brightly coloured montage of South Australian flowers on a blue/green background was our first public street mural.

The content is decorative, but has a wide intention; to foster pride in our Australian heritage and to encourage the growing of native plants. Individual group members chose one or two flowers to study. Images were drawn on to clear acetate, and the design was achieved by arranging the flowers on a scale drawing of the wall. We practised drawing up on small panels, using the grid method, and from this black and white image, a photograph was taken and photostats made for use in drawing up on the wall itself. Each flower completed by the member who had studied it, botanical and colour accuracy was maintained as far as possible'.


Prospect Mural Group - formed in November 1978 by nine residents who shared a desire to paint murals within the City of Prospect area. Trish McLaine, Ann Newmarch, David Kerr, Julie Fife, Chris Bryant, Brian Medlin, Carol Moore. Funding from Community Arts Board and Visual Arts board of the Australia Council, and the SA Department of the Arts.

Artwork Location

182 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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