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Art Fence - Memorial Gardens Playground

Alchemy Ironworks (and City of Prospect)

About the artist

City of Prospect has worked in collaboration with Alchemy Ironworks to create a welcoming art fence and gates at two entry points to the play ground. It gives a sense of fun and creativity on arrival at the playground, while still meeting regulations for play spaces. It features steel and coloured glass and is an interactive piece for those inside and outside the play space.

It is a partnership between City of Prospect's landscape architecture team and Alchemy Ironworks, and the design was later replicated in 2017 with an entry way to Prospect Oval from Main North Road.


City of Prospect's Arts and Events Team, along with the Infrastructure Team, often combine standard civil works with imaginative designs, and use this as a platform to increase creative installations and public art throughout the community. This installation is a result of partnerships between both teams, and the artistic input and excellence of Alchemy Ironworks.

The company humbly began as Deco European and Contemporary style furniture in 1991, trading for six years. Then in 1997, after a flash of inspiration and relocation to Kent Town, Alchemy Ironworks was created.

Alchemy Ironworks is an incredibly innovative, imaginative and diverse metal design studio.

Steel and glass

Artwork Location

Soldiers Memorial Gardens, 1 Menzies Cres, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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