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'ode to the future of the Redhen railcar

Humphreys (Order55)


About the artist

In an Australian first collaborating with JPE design studios and Convic, the George Whittle Reserve project presents a multi-functioned playground / skateable sculpture. The sculpture pays a tribute to the Redhen railcar and its significance to the street culture of the city, while infusing the structure with gnarled River Red Gum trunks expresses a chaotic yet harmonious connection between nature and industry.


Seb Humphreys is an Australian visual artist known for his large scale mural work and sculptures that explore the intersection of nature and the urbanized world. As a mural artist Humphreys goes under the moniker 'Order55' and is recognised for his distinctive style of transparently layered abstract paintings.

Steel and wood

Artwork Location

56 Churchill Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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