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About the artist

Vinnie was a local around Marian Place/Braund Road and had an outstanding life of 17 years, with the last five being at this residence on the corner of Marian Place and Braund Road, Prospect. A little toy poodle, he was recognised and loved by many of his neighbours.

Vinnie's owner decided to make the most of the blank south facing wall beside the Community House Mural that was often being hit with graffiti tags, and he is now immortalised in this vibrant mural. The artist, Rachel Darling, who is a lover of botanics and pets, referenced this particular mural as her two loves coming together.


Rachel Darling is a self-taught illustrator, artist and designer living on the coast of South Australia. She works on all sorts of projects from fabric design, children's book illustrations, custom artworks, professional publication layouts, logos and branding, stationery design, murals and event signage.

Self declared as pattern-obsessed, Rachel gets a real thrill out of covering a surface or product with repeat designs. Rachel connects with others on a creative level through workshops and brand/product collaborations.

Artwork Location

64 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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