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Joseph Stanislaus

About the artist

There is very little information known or available about this actual piece by Ostoja, despite extensive collections being held by public institutions and private collections. It was previously located at 122 Main North Road, Prospect, at the site of GC Motorcycles, and was identified by the community as a significant public art piece.

Following some restoration works in 2014 and Council funding the lighting at the site, the piece underwent further structural and paint restoration in 2019 before being relocated to Prospect Road in December 2019, following a major redevelopment of the 122 Main North Road site. It was at this point the donation was made to City of Prospect by Mr Pishas. The State Library of SA holds extensive records on the artist, including an image taken in the 1960s (est) of this piece at the Main North Road location.


Joseph Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski AM, was born in 1922 in Poland and migrated to Australia in 1950 after completing studies at the Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts in Germany in 1949. Settling in the Adelaide Hills township of Stirling, he lived under the patronage of the Booth family for over 40 years.

He moved into stage and theatre set design, and conducted ground-breaking work in chromasonics, laser kinetics and 'sound and image' productions which earned him a recognition world wide. He was a pioneer in laser sound and image technology, and had an extensive portfolio, awards, publications and exhibitions spanning predominantly 1940-1994. In 1992 he became a Member of the Order of Australia.


Artwork Location

91 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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