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Time and Space



About the artist

The sculpture Time and Space continues the ongoing exploration of the artist's sculptural work whereby simple elements are manipulated to create dynamic, complex forms. Whilst maintaining this principle of construction, the artist has sought to address the themes of TRANSFORMATION and CONNECTION in relation to this artwork and its placement at Charles Cane Reserve.

It seeks to represent the evolving nature of community and hopes that it becomes a point of contact in an environment where connections can be made, where collective experiences can be forged and expressed. As a visual form, the sculpture is explicitly a function of geometry and repetition resulting in pattern. There is a strong interplay between both positive and negative space that animates the form and viewers are encouraged to become actively engaged and involved in this creative act of seeing.


1960 Born in Yorketown, South Australia, George Andric is a South Australian artist who uses sculpture to explore the patterns of nature and rhythms of our human existence. His practice is based on a constantly living principle and method of construction which deals with the way complex forms arise from simple elements.

The sculptures that he creates are made up of an arrangement of basic units, allowing him to examine the dynamic relationship between the simple and the complex, between the material and the void, between the viewer and the object and particularly, between structure and form.

As an artist, George strives to find some sense of order that is independent of the world that presents itself to him, which at times can be deceptive and illusory.

George completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of South Australia (SA School of Art) in 1991.

Stainless Steel

Artwork Location

Charles Cane Reserve / Parndo Yerta, 104 Churchill Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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