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The Colour Wheel



About the artist

Part of the Colour Wheel Project by Trish McLaine, staff and students at Prospect Primary School. From 'Prospecter' (September 1983 page 6) 'initially, a single mural was to be painted at the Prospect Primary School and Junior Primary Schools as a project for Trish McLaine during her traineeship; the concept widened to become a project of considerable scope, leading up to the final mural painting in September. Based on notions of colour and multicultural harmony, the activities involved every child in the school as well as staff, parents and community members. The design of the large multicultural mural will be a photographic image of children dancing in a circle around a colour wheel.'


Trish McLaine - part of the Prospect Mural Group. As the first trainee of the Artist in Residence program, Trish worked under Ann Newmarch to help with her residency so that together they could realise Ann's extensive list of projects. The Colour Wheel mural was the first project where she had sole responsibility. Trish attended art school whilst doing her traineeship with City of Prospect.

Artwork Location

27 Gladstone Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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