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Rose Garden Circle; Arts Path



About the artist

As part of the Arts Path (also known as Federation Walk), this ring of coloured roses, children's hand prints and birds spell out an environmental message. In addition, the artist designed centrepieces of South Australian flora and fauna set on four large tiled panels set into the paving of Barker Gardens. This project was completed with support from Devi O'Donnell and local school children, and was part of the Arts Path that commenced in 1987.


The Prospect Community has lead the way in South Australia from the mid 1970s creating some of the strongest community led public art installations that had been seen in the state, and for some of the projects, they were an Australian first. Public Art in Prospect is broad, and often has a community element through collaboration, events, and local artists. Recognised as starting in 1978, Public Art in Prospect is something that the Council has always valued as an important part of the community fabric.


Artwork Location

1 Menzies Cres, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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