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Looks Like Rain



About the artist

Maria was an artist in residence for 18 months during 1998 and 1999 occupying a corner of the studio just inside the building where the mural is painted. Gai Dudley was the Art Gallery manager at the time and she instigated the project on the exterior wall, hoping that it would continue into the future and be utilized by successive artists in residence. The artwork was inspired by an earlier portrait of her father, Peter Hilder from the mid 1990's.

The original painting was called 'Looks like Rain' as his life revolved around the seasons and reliance on good rains. It was also a nod to the RM Williams factory that was founded in Prospect as Peter wore a RM Williams Akubra and work boots throughout his working life. RM Williams learned his leather making skills while living and working in the Flinders Ranges, which is also the region where Peter was born (Craddock) and later spent his working life on Warcowie Station near Hawker. The links to Prospect's history and Maria's time there also seemed appropriate to honour in some small way, with Maria leaving her mark.

Maria is a textile artist from South Australia. She predominately uses freehand machine embroidery and textiles to tell the stories of her life experiences. Maria was Artist in Residence at Prospect Gallery for 18 months during 1998 and 1999. In 1999 she also helped to restore some murals in the City of Prospect area, along with Peter McGlinchey and Steve Dunn.

Artwork Location

1 Thomas St, Nailsworth SA 5083, Australia

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