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Emu Feathers



About the artist

The concept for this artwork takes inspiration from the site and the space named Kardi Wardli, Emu House in the Kaurna language. It references the emu through the Emu Feathers, which are dynamic, bold and contemporary.

This design is intended to draw the viewer in with its movement and dance. What the viewer sees is very much in the eye of the beholder - some will see feathers, other leaves; others still may see a large mob of emu dancing together, or emu tracks through the landscape. This artwork is designed with the vivid imaginations of children and young people in mind.


Elizabeth Close is an Anangu woman from the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara language groups in the APY Lands in outback South Australia. Born in Adelaide, she spent much of her upbringing in remote communities across SA.

She returned to Adelaide to complete her schooling, ending up as a Senior Registered Nurse in a busy Metropolitan Hospital. After the birth of her second child, Elizabeth and family returned to the APY Lands where she reconnected with her grandmother's family and was able to re-learn much of her language and receive the cultural education she sought; the evolution of her artwork reflects this.

Artwork Location

128 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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