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Dudley Park Railway Station Mosaics

CrowEST / Savage

Sarah / Maggie

About the artist

As part of the beautification of the Dudley Park Railway Station, The Built Imagination Project Committee along with other small funding partners, granted Northern Transport Action Group (NORTAG) funds to engage artists Sarah CrowEST and Maggie Savage to work with the community and the 'Adopt-a-Station' movement to rejuvenate the station area.

The State Transport Authority gave status to the project and provided materials as well. Particular focus was plantings and artistic components, with landscaping progressing in 1991. This series of mosaics were the result of community workshops where residents were tutored in mosaics and life casting skills. The final works were installed throughout the gardens including stepping stones, seats, cylinders, and the Station Master to name a few. The Stationmaster - one of the original pieces, is now located at the Miniature Railway on Regency Road.


Dr Sarah CrowEST was born in the United Kingdom and studied in London before moving to Australia in 1985. She is arguably one of Australia's leading conceptual artists and her works are held in major art institutions around Australia.

Maggie Savage was a local artist employed by NORTAG (Northern Transport Action Group) to help develop Dudley Park train station. Maggie now lives and teaches in Victor Harbour.

Ceramic Tiles

Artwork Location

Dudley Park Railway Station, Dudley Park SA 5008, Australia

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