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Disorder of Things



About the artist

This installation was part of The Galway Avenue improvement project where City of Prospect planted a boulevard of Spotted Gum trees along the median strips, enhancing the streetscape and creating habitats for birds. Council's City Wide Public Art Roundtable selected 'Disorder of Things' to be erected in the roundabout at the intersection of Galway and Collingrove Avenues, providing a unique and colourful landmark.

Renowned artist and creator Will Hendriks is a past resident of Prospect and City of Prospect considers it is fortunate to now have an original Hendriks in its public art collection. Of the work, Will says 'Dual entities provide a framed openness from the outside in, a sense of balance in a coloured environment. The two unbalanced complementary halves unify the disorder of things; inspirational context could only ever be colourful and playful'.


Words from the artist: "Living life with creativity is inspirational, it provides a drive and highlights the senses for the new. I step into my studio knowing nothing will be the same ever again. To bring thoughts into reality is inspirational, for me sculpture is the art of the intelligence.

As Aristotle said 'the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance'. What an inspirational challenge! To see the works of Moore, Zadkine, Archipenko, Epstein, Giacometti, Arp, Hepworth, Calder and Miro are only to mention a few of the creative depths in their works for me are a sheer wonder. Talent in art is the innate awareness of what is great.

So I follow the deep impulses of my heart and lay my intelligence under contribution to perfect that secret machine which does the creating in me. These are inspirational words that set the course to foremost get to work upon myself, living is an art.

For me there is no retirement; it's my way of living so there is no end to it. (how inspirational is that) I am an artist, I cannot fail, it's a success to be one."

Duragalv tube frame clad with pre-finish aluminium composite board

Artwork Location

22 Collingrove Ave, Broadview SA 5083, Australia

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