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About the artist

This artwork is a celebration of colour and diversity. The statue-like animals are three very different creatures representing the mixing of different elements that usually wouldn't be found together, and yet exist harmoniously in this artwork; being a positive reflection of the wide and diverse demographic of Prospect.

The static animals can be likened to that of an old bronze statue or ancient jade figurine, and contrast strongly with the bold splashes of colours and fluid forms representing change and all things fresh and new. An exploration on how communities grow together by blending the old with the new which makes life more exciting and diverse. Being reminiscent of a totem: a sculpture or figure serving as an emblem for family or groups of people.

Perhaps it could be a discussion point on how shared values unify the Prospect community. Each animal is symbolic: The turtle - slow and steady, patience; The horse - endurance, determination and strength; The monkey - Intelligence, strategy and playfulness. Completed as part of Tourrific 2018, the work also represents sports and achievements in general: to reach your goals, you need a balance of values to succeed.


Sarah Boese is an Adelaide based mural artist and illustrator, born in 1992, South Australia. Since graduating from the University of South Australia in 2013 with a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication, she has been freelancing as a digital illustrator. In 2016 she began to expand her practice into the world of street artist and public murals, primarily painting with aerosol spray paint for these larger scale works.

Artwork Location

110 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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