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Ground Dwellers



About the artist

This installation is busy living its life close to the ground. This work was purchased by City of Prospect in 2015 for the Vine Street Plaza upgrade. During the demolition and subsequent rebuilding of the new Civic Centre, now Payinthi, Ground Dwellers was relocated to Pash Reserve in Nailsworth where they happily forage in the park.


Gerry McMahon is an Adelaide based artist whose practice has evolved from the skills he acquired from his previous occupation as a sheet metal tradesman. He has always appreciated the characteristics of metal, particularly its versatility and durability, but as an artist he is able to experiment, explore the boundaries and manipulate metal in a more creative fashion than ever before. Many of his works are playful, capturing the imagination and evoking a whimsical, joyful sentiment.

He is driven to create positive, engaging and uplifting works that communicate to their audience and enrich their environment. Gerry's practice is divided into three major areas: commissioned works, exhibitions and workshops. While enjoying the freedom of exhibiting, it is in the realm of public art that Gerry gains the greatest satisfaction, allowing his works to be seen by a larger audience and sharing his vision with the whole community; public pieces created within community based workshops reinforce this concept even further.

Corten Steel, Mid Steel

Artwork Location

33 D'Erlanger Ave, Collinswood SA 5081, Australia

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