Right on Walls

Brooks / Bunya / Chrisie / Hitch

Sam / Izy / Donovan / Jordan

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About the artist

Right on Walls was part of I-Kan, a public art project led by KAB101, including four youth artists and videographer Zach Sheridan. It was completed in partnership with Rotary Club of Prospect, Lions Club of Prospect and Torrens Soroptimists; at the same time (and involving the same groups) as the Prospect Kindergarten in 2014.

The four young artists, Sam Brooks, Jordan Hitch, Izy Bunya and Donovan Chrisie, worked on the wall alongside KAB101. The aim of the project was to bring together young artists interested in working as a team under the guidance of KAB101 - to increase their mural art skills, and improve two of Prospect's public walls and visually reflect the local community.


A painter who mainly uses acrylic, aerosol spray paints and inks, KAB 1010 is a first generation Australian graffiti artist living in Adelaide, South Australia. Street-writing since the early eighties, KAB101 has developed a marking style reflective of his personality. His work is based on calligraphic signature markings and mechanical type styles. His studio paintings consist of these same styles.

They tell stories of identity, his emotions and experiences related to his past and present affinity with writing his name and taking space. Utilizing spray paint, inks, markers and brushes he constantly finds himself exploring new mediums to produce works connected to the written word.

Artwork Location

31 D'Erlanger Ave, Collinswood SA 5081, Australia