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The work of Seb Humphreys and KAB101 is throughout our community, and both have a deep connection with this location. KAB101 previously had works throughout the park prior to redevelopment, and Seb has skated at the park for decades, and was also commissioned as an artist to create 'ode to the future of the Redhen railcar at this site (listed separately) in 2019. This collaborative mural combines both artists' works at the site, linking their unique personal histories and their art, and includes the amenities block and northern fence.


About the artist

Seb Humphreys is an Australian visual artist known for his large scale mural work and sculptures that explore the intersection of nature and the modern urbanized world. As a Mural artist Humphreys goes under the moniker 'Order55' and is recognized internationally for his distinctive style of transparently layered abstract paintings. He has many public works throughout Europe and the Americas, as well as many successful projects over the last 15 years operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Scott Coleman (KAB101) - a painter who mainly uses acrylic, aerosol spray paints and inks, is a first generation Australian graffiti artist living in Adelaide, South Australia. Street-writing since the early eighties, KAB101 has developed a marking style reflective of his personality. His work is based on calligraphic signature markings and mechanical type styles. His studio paintings consist of these same styles. They tell stories of identity, his emotions and experiences related to his past and present affinity with writing his name and taking space. Utilising spray paint, inks, markers and brushes he constantly finds himself exploring new mediums to produce works connected to the written word.

Artwork Location

George Whittle Reserve, 56 Churchill Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

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